York Stage School is about to celebrate its second birthday.


After a brilliant two years, where we have worked with hundreds of students and seen them flourish in our classrooms, we now face the possibility of not being able to work with them under the current Government guidance surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic for some time and the necessary social distancing and self isolation policies that come with that.


We are fully committed to ensuring our students are always kept safe and well and will not be running classes whilst schools are closed to students and it is with this in mind that we have been busy working on this new project which will see us joining up with lots of our teacher's contacts from the theatre, TV and film industry to introduce our exciting new programme, York Stage School...on Screen over the coming weeks and months!


Are you ready to WATCH, EXPLORE, REACT and CREATE? 

If so then sign up, stop waiting in the wings...and join us on screen!



York Stage School... on Screen is a new programme where we are going to be sending out weekly briefs, scripts and stimuli to children via email and through videos from both our regular teachers and special weekly industry-professional guest tutors.

Students will then have six days to watch the videos, explore the stimuli given and then react and create their own video's at home. These will then be sent back to us at York Stage School HQ. Children will then receive feedback on their creations via email and video calls from our staff and each week we will celebrate their work across our social channels with weekly industry recognition from our guest tutors.

WHAT will you need?

All students need to take part is either a phone, tablet or PC which has a built in camera and microphone; an internet connection and an email address (can be their own or a parents). 

Whilst we will be using the York Stage School social media channels to celebrate students work (if parents are happy for their child's image to be broadcast) access to these are not needed to actually take part in the project. 


The first issue of York Stage School...on Screen is being given away free of charge in order for you to decide if this programme is something your child will enjoy and genuinely benefit from. 

After this initial week there will be a weekly charge of £10 to take part. 


To receive the first issue of York Stage School...on Screen please sign up below by clicking 'Register Now'...

Wherever you have a camera, we have a class